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With the Lorauino Station you will be able to setup your own privata LoRa Network and start building your IoT experiments.

  • Configuring the Lorauino Station

To configure a Lorauino Station its extremely easy. 1) Login in at http://cloud.lorauino.com

[Picture of Login]

2) Go to the Stations Page and click 'Add' , a menu will come out and you will have to select wether you have a 868Mhz ( Europe ) or 915Mhz ( US ) Lorauino Station. In the 'New Station' screen you have to add: - Name of the Station: any name you want to give to your station - Mac Address: you will find the Mac Address on the label underneath the station - Public Flag: if you want to that your station to pick up and forward to the cloud data from LoRa sensors that are necessarily yours

      • IMPORTANT ***

The Lorauino Station is shipped with the WiFi enabled and open with SSID LorauinoStation - please take this into account for your own security.