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The Swisscom LPN Tuino ( Tuino will be the new name of the Lorauino boards and we will soon be dropping the Lorauino name ) comes with a slightly modified firmware. It is preconfigured with DevEUI and AppKey that are already commissioned on Swisscom LoRa LPN Network, and it will work out of the box in Switzerland where there is a Swisccom LPN network coverage ( http://lpn.swisscom.ch/e/our-coverage/ ).
Each board will come with 12 or 24 months Swisscom XXL subscription. This will a complete solution for developers ( in Switzerland ) that want to test the power of LPN Networks out of the box.

The only difference with the standard Lorauino's is in the join function calls, you don't have to remember DevEUI or AppKeys just call the Join command with the Class you want to join.

void setup() {
  // Join Network - Class C
  // or Class A

The updated libraries are available on GitHub:

With the Swisscom LPN Tuino comes a dedicated cloud platform, that can be found here: