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The Lorauino can be battery powered and also has a battery charging circuit.

Lorauino battery 1.png

The Arduino is not the most power efficient design, but we added this functionality to give the possibility of testing sensors in the field. The maximum current drawn by the Lorauino is around 150mA, with a typical figure around 50mA, with a 2500mAh battery so should be capable of running the Lorauino for a couple of days, but remember your mileage may vary!

If you want to buy a battery here is one at Adafruit:

The charging circuit will charge your LiPO battery with a 500mA current. To charge you need to connect a 5V micro USB capable to the connector near the battery connector.

Lorauino battery 2.png

As you can see when the charging USB cable is connect a red led will turn on.